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LCCA is a Law Firm with a dynamic, well prepared and motivated team ready to meet their costumers' needs, seeing itself as a strategic partner in developing and defending their interests.


With a large and modern office in downtown Ponta Delgada, their actions reach through the entire Azores and mainland Portugal, providing differentiated and targeted services for each type of client in legal advice, legal sponsorship and authentication and drafting of contracts and registrations (DPA), in the most diverse areas and branches of Law.


LCCA, Sociedade de Advogados, offers private citizens, companies, public institutions as well as associations and overall institutions, proximity counseling based on rigorous and reliable values, as well as the technical solidity and professional rigor of its team.


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Manuel Pereira Leite,Pedro Nascimento Cabral,Ricardo N Cabral,Nuno Goulart Almeida, Paula Tavares & Associados
(Ponta Delgada (Matriz))
Ponta Delgada - LCCA - Law Firm

Rua Manuel Ponte 29
( Ponta Delgada (Matriz) )
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